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Voltage Pilates in Indy's SoBro neighborhood teaches the authentic approach as originally designed by Joe Pilates. We are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of this brilliant system because it works. Everyone can do Pilates and is welcome. This work is tough but worthwhile. We sweat. We have fun. And we see real results.  

Our fully equipped studio only uses apparatus based on the original designs of Joe Pilates. (Why is this important?)




Private Lessons


Get hands-on, personal attention in a workout tailored to exactly what your body needs. Joe Pilates masterfully designed each exercise and piece of equipment to speak to your body in a direct and unique way. Under experienced guidance, you'll create balanced strength, find space in your joints, and learn a whole new way to move. 

Apparatus Classes


The apparatus offer support and resistance so that you can work deeply in the body and concentrate on movement. Limited to just three participants for maximum hands-on attention, these small group classes are a fun way to practice Pilates in an intimate social setting. 


Mat Classes


Welcome to mat class as it was originally intended. No more Pilates on yoga mats; instead, we use old-school mats with straps for your feet, handles for your hands, and dense cushioning for your spine. Enrich your workout with traditional accessories like the Magic Circle and hand weights. With a maximum of six people per class, no one gets lost in the crowd. This is the best mat class in Indy.


Single | $20
Package of 4 | $60
Single | $25
Package of 4 | $80
Voltage Class


Build autonomy and confidence in the most individualized group workout you've ever experienced. This self-paced class allows you to come into the studio and work out independently under the supervision of a teacher. Inspired by how Joe Pilates originally offered group workouts. 


No Joining Fees or Contracts

Reservations Required for All Services

24-Hour Notice Required for Cancelled or Rescheduled


"Thanks to Pilates, my neck pain is gone and I added an enjoyable activity to my week." -Muge F.


Continuing Education

for Pilates Professionals and Enthusiastic Clients

Voltage Pilates will be relocating to its spacious new studio location at 54th and the Monon in October. This new venue will not only allow us to expand our class schedule but offer special educational opportunities.  

Continuing Education

for Pilates Professionals and Enthusiastic Clients

We are so grateful for our spacious studio as it's the perfect venue to host special educational opportunities. We are very proud to offer workshops and classes with some of the most respected teachers from around the world.




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1055 E 54th St
Indianapolis, IN 46220

Tel:  812.350.1009


All services, including group classes, are by appointment only. 

If you would like to visit our studio, please contact us in advance to ensure there will be someone to greet you. 



You are ready to proactively take control of your health and life. You want something new that will challenge your body and change it from the inside out.

Pilates is the corrective exercise system designed to alleviate the aches, pains, and fatigue of modern life and restore you to vibrancy.

This method is powerful and can speak for itself. Experience the original system on the original equipment and feel the difference it will make in your body and life.


3 Private Lessons | $150
3 Apparatus Classes | $75
3 Mat Classes | $40




5 weeks | $80
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