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Austin Hooper
Certified Teacher

I was introduced to Pilates through my wife who has been Lindsey's client since 2016.


Although initially wary about joining a Pilates class, I quickly fell in love with the craft. I drive many hours each week for work, and Pilates quickly began to help my tight hips and back. I enjoy how even the most simple of exercises can become complex as one's knowledge of Pilates grows.


I have been studying classical Pilates under Lindsey since the beginning of 2018 and am very excited to begin working with clients.

A Note from Lindsey and Laurel:

We are so proud of Austin and what he has accomplished in his apprenticeship! Our clients are loving his easygoing personality combined with his motivating teaching style. While Austin is an apprentice, he has completed more training hours and has more teaching experience than many fully-certified teachers. We are holding him to a higher standard because we are committed to maintaining the integrity of Joe Pilates' life's work and to offering a fantastic and meaningful experience in our studio. Take advantage of our specially-priced private lessons and classes with him while he is still an apprentice this year!

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