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Lindsey Roy
Owner and Founder

After suffering from debilitating hip and back pain for years even as a Pilates teacher, I finally found relief when I discovered a whole new depth to the work through the original method, often called "classical Pilates." The equipment and approach were different, and my body felt different.


But disappointingly we didn't have anything like this in Indy then. I constantly looked forward to traveling for more opportunities to get back on the Gratz equipment and learn more about the system Joe Pilates had spent his life developing. 

In summer 2016 I opened a tiny, 250 square foot studio in an unmarked office building on College Avenue. I had zero expectations, just a hope that I could continue to pay my rent and a desire to share what I had discovered: that traditional Pilates was revolutionary, forward-thinking, and life-changing.

I am so delighted to now have a phenomenal teaching team, a beautiful bright studio by the Monon, and a wonderful little community to share in this mission. 

I can't do the work for you, but I'm here to guide you and help you discover a new level of physical strength, mental resolve, and confidence. 

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