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Voltage Pilates


for certified teachers wishing to bridge into or deepen their knowledge of the classical Pilates method 

A One-on-one Mentorship 

Understand Pilates

as a System

Fill in Your Unique Knowledge and Skill Gaps

Gain Confidence to Help Any Client


Requirements & Schedule


35 | Private Lessons

Jay Grimes says there is one Pilates principle: move. Feeling the work in your body will inform your teaching unlike anything else. Our weekly private lessons will provide clarity, direction, and a path for your growth. 

35 | Small Group Lessons

Practice what we are working on in your private lessons in a small group setting, giving you more independence yet still receiving guidance. 

35 | Independent Workouts
Our goal at Voltage is to empower everyone, clients and teachers alike, to a sense of ownership and confidence in their bodies. 

18 | Teachers Meetings

Learn with a community of teachers on their own individual paths.We'll meet regularly for mini-workshops touching on a variety of topics: apparatus and exercises reviews, working with injuries, progressing clients, and more. 

70 | Practice Teaching
Our clients teach us as much as we teach them. 

70 | Observation
Watch the system- with its brilliant framework and myriad of options- be applied on varying bodies. 


10 | Individual Meetings
Meet with me one-on-one throughout your program to discuss your questions and get hands-on help with anything and everything you need. 


27 | Flexible Hours

This mentorship will address what you need as an individual. Your skills, holes, and experiences are unique, and this is not a one-size-fits-all program. These hours are for whatever we decide you need them for- perhaps extra lessons, perhaps suggested reading materials, perhaps credit for an outside workshop you took ...the possibilities are completely open.  


Total: 300 Hours
You will be awarded a certificate at the completion of the program. 


Typical Schedule Based on 9 Month Program with 2 Weeks off

Weekly | 

1 Private Lesson
1 Small Group Lesson

1 Independent Workout

2 Practice Teaching

2 Observation 

2 Teachers Meeting (one meeting @ two hrs)

1 Individual Meeting

3 Flexible Hours

Monthly | 


Be certified from a program of at least 450 hours covering the Reformer, Mat, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, and Ladder Barrel. 
Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis. Additional requirements may apply. 

Pass an assessment on the Reformer. 
Demonstrate a sense of familiarity and ownership of the foundational exercises. 

Be injury free and ready to move

This is a no judgment zone! I guarantee my body is just as "messed up" as yours. We are real bodies with real challenges, and perfection is the enemy of the good. Be prepared to be good at some things and suck at others. It's okay! Your struggles will make you a better teacher.

Tuition & Fees

$60 Entrance Assessment Fee

$375/Month Tuition over 9 months
Includes all requirements- no extra fees

About Lindsey

Jay Grimes says your certification is just your learner's permit, and you have a lifetime from there to build upon it. After leaving my certification program with more questions than I began with and knowledge that seemed random and sometimes conflicting, from Connecticut to California I have studied this thing we call Pilates to see if there was some sort of method to this madness. And there is. It's all built into the way Joe designed it. And in that framework were countless options for me to use my intuition and experience and treat every body I encountered as an individual. 

I invite you to come bridge over with me to this often misunderstood world of the "classical," the "true," the "authentic" work. At Voltage, dogmatism is out and contrology is in. I study regularly with teachers from both Jay Grimes' and Romana Kryzanowska's lineages to get the fullest view possible of what Joe was thinking and doing. 

I am now excited to offer a program based on what I needed when I certified- a personalized mentorship. Because of the unique nature of this program, admissions is rolling, and I accept no more than three apprentices at a time to ensure you are getting everything you need. 



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