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Saturday, October 22

Sunday, October 23

10:00am - 11:50am: Private Lessons 

12:00noon - 12:50pm: Voltage Class

1:00pm - 1:50pm: Magic Circle Reformer Class (Intermediate)

3:00pm - 4:30pm: The Wunda-ful Chair Workshop 

4:45 pm - 6:15pm: Rotation with a Strong Foundation Workshop

10:00am - 11:50am: Private Lessons 

1:00pm - 1:50pm: Mat Class 

2:30pm - 4:00pm: Barrels for the Spine Workshop

4:15pm - 5:45pm: 2-Way Stretch Wall Unit Workshop

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until March 1

Private Lesson 

Voltage Class

Apparatus Class


Mat Class

$200 ($50 deposit)

$65 ($25 deposit)

$85 ($25 deposit)

(1) for $185 ($50 deposit)

(2) for $250 ($75 deposit)

$45 ($25 deposit)




(1) for $200

(2) for $280



Show your interest in making this event happen by pre-registering with a deposit! We require a certain number of reservations to confirm Marian and Miguel's visit to Voltage. Pre-registration closes 10:00pm on March 1.

If we confirm the event, the card you leave on file for your deposit will be charged with the balance of what you owe on on Tuesday, March 29. If there are any spots remaining for the weekend, we will allow late bird registration at the prices listed above. 


 If we are not able to confirm the event, a full refund of the deposit will be initiated to your card no later than Tuesday, March 29. This is the only case in which a refund will be issued.The deposit and subsequent balance are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

By pre-registering, you understand and agree to the pre-registration terms. 

Class and Workshop



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The Wunda chair is one of the apparatuses with the smallest training surface. That is why it is such a challenging and fun piece of equipment! Learn how to build an organized and structured session in this wonderful chair while spicing your sessions with a new interpretation of this equipment!

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Number of participants: 8 in-studio and 4 virtual 

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Lengthening in two opposite directions is essential to create space in the skeleton and expand the area between the vertebrae and joints of the body. However, the bidirectional stretching (“2-way-stretch”) is not easy to achieve during our practice. The design and build of the Cadillac make it a great piece of apparatus to teach how to lengthen oppositely from a strong center, in all the different shapes of the spine. Focus will exclusively be on the exercises available on the wall unit. 

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Number of participants: 8 in-studio and 4 virtual 

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In our signature, self-paced class, work on your own goals wherever you'd like in the studio under the expert guidance of Marian or Miguel. Enjoy your personal workout with the feedback and hands-on assistance of our guests. (Visit for more info on Voltage Class.)

Duration: 50 minutes

Number of participants: 6 

Virtual participants are welcome; after registration please send an email noting you will be attending virtually. 


Identifying when a body is ready to rotate is essential to ensure safe and effective rotation of the spine. Enhance your Matwork and Reformer twists through length, alignment and center lift. After this exploration of rotational muscle function, your understanding of rotational movement will take a 180-degree turn!

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Number of participants: 8 in-studio and 4 virtual 

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Small Barrel and Spine Corrector! Why are they so good for the spine? Why do we have a large variety of sizes? The body in front of you will determine which exercise and which Barrel to choose depending on which part of the torso needs to be opened. And kegs are not only good for the body, but they are also a lot of fun!

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Number of participants: 8 in-studio and 4 virtual 

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Join PILATISTIC for an open-level workout with you and your mat. This is both a perfect warm-up for a day of workshops and a wonderful opportunity in its own right to experience their brilliant perspective and teaching through continuous movement.

Duration: 50 minutes

Number of participants: 8 in-studio only

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If we had to choose the most representative apparatus and accessory of the Pilates Method, we could probably choose the Reformer and the Magic Circle, right? And it is that both are essential in a studio due to their versatility and variety of exercises. For this reason, getting the most out of these two wonderful work tools is very important. Learn how to apply the Magic Circle on the Reformer and discover an innovative, creative, fun and challenging version of the Magical Reformer!

Duration: 50 minutes

Number of participants: 4 in-studio only

How to

Visit our scheduling software by hitting Book Now. Click on the Classes tab and select the date you'd like to make your reservations (October 22 or 23.) The registration process will automatically prompt the correct purchase. Remember- you will only be charged for the deposit today. You must leave a card on file, and your balance will be billed on March 29. 

If you have any questions, please email 

Thank you for being a part of our special events at Voltage! Marian and Miguel have been warned you are an especially talented group and are fully prepared to come from Catalonia to challenge and inspire each of us. 

Marian and Miguel


"Marian and Miguel have been my personal teachers for over two years. I am thrilled to bring them to Indy so the Voltage community can experience the incredible depth of teaching I have benefitted from so deeply. Their attention to detail and empowerment have changed both my body and my teaching. And the energy and passion they bring re-ingnites my excitement for this work every time." -Lindsey


The distinctive capabilities of Marian and Miguel and the exceptional academic peculiarities of each complement each other perfectly.

Marian, as a multilingual journalist, brings these two professions together, transforming the Pilates Method into an incomparable science of communication and exploration of physical, mental, and emotional self-knowledge. It is precisely because of her extraordinary ability to analyze and articulate the movement of the human body in words that she is recognized and requested in international conferences and events.


And Miguel, college professor and world champion coach of Aerobic Gymnastics, has more than 50 years of experience in the field of sports, health, and physical conditioning, including a career as a professional athlete and coach of futsal, surfing, water polo and rhythmic gymnastics. Miguel has not suffered an injury in his entire career. His vast knowledge in sports competition, training, and movement makes him a one-of-a-kind Pilates teacher. 

Together, the founders of PILATISTIC®, a Pilates studio and a world-renowned training center for teachers, have more than 38 years of experience in the Pilates Method. Today, Marian and Miguel have already certified instructors from Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Italy, France, Belgium, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, and the United States through their topnotch masters’ degree. Their commitment and passion for the profession make them an iconic couple in the global community.