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Contrology Retreat

2024 Puglia

June 22 - 29, 2024

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Joe Pilates' health philosophy encompassed so much more than exercise. Fresh air, sunshine, nutrition, dry brushing, ergonomic furniture: he knew health is a holistic endeavor.

Every summer and many weekends, he would escape his New York apartment to find respite at his cottage in the Berkshires, saying, "I couldn't stay alive if every weekend I didn't go to the country." It was essential for his health.

Voltage's Joe-approved retreats are designed to offer the perfect balance of restoration and adventure.


  • 7 nights in our villa among the olive grove

    • Private bedroom ​and your own bathroom, most ensuite

    • Loggia overlooking the pool

    • Monastic garden with citrus trees and herbs 

  • 2 Pilates classes ​most days

    • 30-minute morning breathing and ​mobility session

    • Afternoon Return to Life class or special workshop

  • Nourishing, plant-based meals prepared by a private chef

    • Morning tea station to start your day

    • 6 brunches

    • 4 dinners with food education

    • 2 Italian dinners from the resident chef (plant-based or pescatarian option)

  • Cooking class

    • Taught by our holistic chef

  • Day trip to beautiful seaside Poligano a Mare

    • Plant-based dinner at one of the top 10 "restaurants with a view" in the world 

    • Private boat cruise to enjoy scenic caves and a dip in azure waters

  • Wine tasting at a local vineyard

  • Private ground transportation

    • To and from Bari airport

    • To and from excursions


$100 discount for cash/check


$1900 supplement for double


Not Included:
Personal expenses such cafe stops
Travel insurance

Alcohol (except for the wine tasting)

About the Villa


Away from the hectic noise of manicured tourist traps, our property sits amidst a working farm in agricultural Puglia, the breadbasket of Italy. 7 miles from the Adriatic Sea, directly on the Appian Way, the villa has developed over time and includes a pre-Christian grotto likely used for rituals, 14th and 15th century farm buildings, and newer additions from the 17th and 18th centuries. 

Owners Paul and Steven (the former who has since passed) rescued the villa from dilapidation through a painstaking restoration:

"From the moment I stepped foot on the property, I felt the need to restore its soul. In the process, it restored mine."

Slow down and join us for an authentic rural Italian experience.


"By all means never fail to get all the sunshine and fresh air you can."


Choose Your Room
to reserve your spot


Queen bed. En suite bathroom. Excellent light control for great sleep. 



Queen bed. En suite bathroom. View of the olive groves.


Lavanda and Primavera

This booking is for (2) rooms as they share a large bathroom. Either enjoy the privacy and extra space, or share with a friend

Kathy and Sue


Queen bed. En suite bathroom. Beautiful views. 


Romulus & Remus and Lupa

This booking is for (2) rooms as they share a large bathroom. Either enjoy the privacy and extra space, or share with a friend. Views of the Via Appia in both.

Sara and Amanda


Queen bed. En suite bathroom. One of the larger rooms. Views of the Via Appia. 


Garden Room

Queen bed. En suite bathroom. Located just off the herb garden.

Marina's assistant


Twin beds. Picturesque views. Private bathroom accessed through a common room. 


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