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Voltage Class FAQ

What is Voltage Class?

This self-paced class allows you to come into the studio at a designated time and work out independently with a teacher present specifically as a resource to those in the class. Unlike a private lesson or group class, your teacher will not call out exercises for everyone to do together; instead, you will be guided by a customized workout card showing you the exercises, their order, and the number of springs needed. Like a private lesson, your workout is designed by your regular teacher entirely around your body and needs. You can do any exercise on any apparatus so long as it's on your workout card. A teacher is still very much present to offer hands-on assistance, provide guidance, and answer questions. Class spaces are limited to the number of Reformers available that hour. 

Ummm...WHY are we doing this?!

Our mission is to empower you and build confidence in your body. We are not gatekeepers and vehemently reject the idea that Pilates can only be done with someone holding your hand and babysitting you the entire time. Furthermore, a hallmark characteristic of this method is that it is corrective exercise designed to address your individual needs, and this allows us to continue honing in on your specific goals. In Joe Pilates' studio, clients learned their workout and came in and did it. In this spirit of autonomy and freedom, we enthusiastically invite you to do the same.

Who can participate?

Anyone who has earned a workout card! There are no specific level or experience requirements. If you can show that you have paid attention, know how to set up your equipment, and can work safely, you can participate. You do not need to know every exercise or do everything perfectly. If we were waiting for that, none of us would qualify, including me or Laurel. 

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