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Contrology Apprenticeship Program

"Classical Pilates" is more than a stagnant list of exercises memorialized in black and white photos from a century ago. Rather, Joe Pilates' Contrology system is a brilliant, living, fluid way of problem solving. Discover the "zest and pleasure" of your teaching and your own practice and learn how to think in this focused journey designed for disciplined, committed students ready to approach Pilates at a professional level.  

750 Hours over 12 - 18 Months 

  • Observation | 150 Hours 

  • Independent Workouts | 120 Hours ​

  • Guided Workouts | 100 Hours

    • 25 Private/Duet Lessons

    • 50 Apparatus Classes

    • 25 Mat Classes

  • Workshops and Master Classes | 32 Hours

  • Apprentice Labs | 48 Hours

  • Practice Teaching | 150 Hours

  • Practical Assessments | 9 Hours 

  • Co-teaching and Assistant Teaching | 50 Hours

  • Flexible Hours | 91 Hours 

These requirements 

apply to certificate-seeking apprentices.

Continuing Ed and

Enthusiast options available

This is a physically demanding, experiential-based program designed to get Contrology into your body and mind. As Jay Grimes says, we don't really "teach" Pilates; rather, we are guides to help others discover. We cannot guide others to places we haven't been. 

While the workshops and apprentice meetings have specific schedules, the other components are self-scheduled and will require focus and consistency to successfully build the strength and skills needed to pass the performance assessments and the eyes and hands needed to pass the teaching assessments. Despite the flexibility in some of the requirements, it is expected that you are in the studio actively 10-15 hours per week, mostly with me, to make satisfactory progress. This is not a self-led independent study but rather an immersive participation in the studio. 

Second Quarter Schedule

Saturday,  July 16

3:00pm - 5:00pm EST

The Definitive Guide to Healthy Shoulders


Saturday, August 27

3:00pm - 5:00pm EST

Laser-focused Ladder Barrel

Saturday, September 10

3:00pm - 5:00pm EST

Sketchy Back SOS

Saturday, October 15

3:00pm - 6:00pm EST

Groovy Spines: Scoliosis

Apprentice Labs

Tuesdays 5:30pm - 6:30pm

What This Isn't 

  • A comprehensive review of every exercise ever (that's impossible for a few reasons)

  • A pissing contest 

IMG_0974 2.JPG

Hybrid Access


What We Will Be Doing Instead

  • Learning a common language 

  • Developing a framework in which to make sense of exercises, including the ones we know and the ones we have yet to meet

  • Considering how the history of the Pilates industry shapes what we have been taught today 

  • Preserving the depth of Joe Pilates' life's work

  • Applying our intuition and creativity in meaningful rather than gratuitous ways 

  • Fine-tuning the efficacy of our teaching 

  • Getting ripped 

Virtual participation is available for private lessons, Mat classes, and Apparatus classes if you are using appropriate equipment (Gratz, Pilates Designs, or Legacy)


About Lindsey 

After leaving my first certification program- a "hybrid" curriculum theoretically offering both classical and contemporary study- with more questions than I began with and knowledge that seemed random and sometimes conflicting, I began investigating the classical work more to see if there were answers in Pilates' origins.  And there were. It was all built into the way Joe designed it originally. And in that framework I discovered countless options for me to use my intuition and experience and treat every body I encountered as an individual. 

I invite you to join me in studying this often misunderstood approach of the authentic method. At Voltage, dogmatism is out and contrology is in. I train regularly with teachers from both Jay Grimes' and Romana Kryzanowska's lineages to get the fullest view possible of what Joe was thinking and doing. 

I founded Voltage in 2017 as Indy's first classical Pilates Studio. I'm not a dancer or an athlete. I'm just a normal person with a history of debilitating pain, and I am humbled to be able to share this work that has changed my life.  

With 14 years of Pilates teaching experience, I am excited to offer an apprenticeship based on what I needed when I first certified- a personalized mentorship. Because of the unique nature of this program, I strictly limit how many certificate-seeking apprentices I tale at a time to ensure you are getting everything you need. This is not a casual hobby with fragmented modules or a weekend playdate; this is a professional immersion into a rich practice with 100 years of history. I promise to offer you the same level of commitment I require so we can do this work, our bodies, and our students justice. 

Click the icon to download more detailed information. This program is invitation-only, so please email Lindsey directly to register. 

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